[Drawing tablets].

Hey, @grazer it’s me. I am just wondering could there be a feature where if you could use a pen on a drawing tablet to connect dots and lines to other behavior and move around the visual coding pad. Because that would be really helpful, It would decrease lots of time and increase lots of progress. Because making games with your finger on the computer would be dreadful hours and hours. Click, click, click, And at the end of the day you would end up with a really red finger.

Screen Shot 2020-08-29 at 22.16.59

Screen Shot 2020-08-29 at 22.17.34

Now I feel really dumb posting this, lol.

Wait cant you just connect a drawing tablet and use it as a mouse? I think Ive done that before.

I believe using those stylus things on a drawing tablet triggers mouse click and mouse move behaviors, so part of your question is already possible, and answered by F3Art.

I will say it’s possible to make games with phone’s and tablets, but its not easy.
Flowlab is really made to used with mouse and keyboard, so the ease of use for other devices is a LOT lower. Though I would like to see implementations in the future for a more mobile friendly experience.

I think I’ve seen Crimson mention somewhere he made Star Blast 2 mostly on his phone.
So at least it’s not blocking any requirements for touch, but I can understand the frustration.

Most frustrating on phone is placing wires. Your finger covers the end point and the input ports on the target block.
So the only feedback you have is the wire turning green … and when you release you mostly hit the wrong port, LOL.

What would help on mobile would be a cursor offset option.
Where you touch the screen and the cursor is offset enough to not be covered by your finger.
That would help …

Beside the fact that on mobile the whole editor interface does NOT adjust to the screen size and you only see half of it.
Would that be something that can be fixed in the future @grazer ? (sorry for tagging you in)