DRIVE (1/1/19 update)

Changes made on 01/01/19:

  • Finally Implemented Day & Night cycles
  • Day & Night cycles will be remained turned off in the game
  • Almost Complete!

With Happy New Years to all and 2019 now here, I have finally figured out how to add the Day & Night cycle to DRIVE.
After months of attempts, today I figured out how to implement the Day & Night cycles.
After hours of finalizing the new mode, I found out it was too much for the game.
After getting 2000 points, the game gets to a crawl and slowly, ever slowly and finaly freezes.
This will be my final attempt for this mode before upgrading to an Indie account. (Duplicating and have an experimental version)
My plan is to duplicate the game for the mobile version to not have the cycle and half of the programming to play allot better.

After a few more updates to the difficulty and speed, this game will be ready for mobile devices!
Try the game and let me know what you think and what could be added/fixed.


This is a “sidescrolling” game, similar to T-rex Chrome.
Game url: ~