DRIVE (12/31/18 update)

Changes made on 12/31/18:

  • added dificulty (gets harder the longer you play)
  • few adjustments for the HTML5 player

I may need to keep adjusting the game to fully move to HTML5.
I may wait for more patches on HTML5 to update all to it.
Let me know what you think of the game and what could be added/fixed.

Happy New Years everyone!

I also made a game trailer on Youtube:

This is a “sidescrolling” game, similar to T-rex Chrome.
Game url: ~

I like the trailer - what did you use to make it?


I have a game capture on my pc and just recorded the screen with the browser on 200% zoom. The words is the heavydata font on flowlab. You can see all I used in the “credits” game level of drive. I just recorded myself playing a few time, dying a few times and the title screen to get the song and outtro.

Just some simple editing and trimming in an editor and in 30 minutes, you get a trailer.

I have an AMD Radeon Relive but OBS would work as well. I edited with Adobe Premiere 11, but I didn’t do anything advance. Just trimmed a few videos together.

Happy New Years