DRIVE February Update log

Changes as on 2/1/19:

  • Fixed a music save error
  • Added a link for other game characters
  • Added an AD option in the Store
  • Almost finished with all features

Music plays accordingly, screen music plays first IF not muted. See the mute button as an umute and mute button, not as a play button. Screen music can play while muted if selected. Tracks will unmute the button for it is selecting a song to play in Game. The Mute button only plays music IN the Credits for no other music is available there. Unmuting in Credits will set the track to 1 in Game. These are the conditions for music in this game.
Any outside character in the game has a link to there game on there character in the store. The game it came from and the user will be displayed with the character is in the store. You will also be in the credits screen for having the character in the game.
An AD option is available in the store if you cannot purchase the character you want. After finishing the AD, you will be rewarded 200 points. The option becomes available after the attempt to puchase a character that you can’t buy.

All the buttons and features I wanted or I could think of are now all in the game. The game is near complete and plan to release (hopefully) soon.
I still need some characters to add to the store, so If there is a character you want in the game or want to design an original character for the game, let me know!

The game is nearly complete, so try the game and let me know what you think!