DRIVE is FINISHED | Last major update until an Indie account

Changes as of 3/20/19

  • Complete!
  • Changed/fix some animations
  • Planned updates
  • Minor Changes/Fixes

*DRIVE is now a “Complete” game, nothing too new will be added until I upgrade to an Indie account! You can technically say the game is now 1.0!
*Thanks to a pixel artist called “Baron Wasteland”, I have now all the characters available at the Shop!
*Animation is a strong point in this game, further changes of some animation may be changed.
*Planned updates after getting an Indie account are new modes, objects, and possibly more!

DRIVE is now complete and ready to be a commercial product for the app-store.
Let me know of what you think or If you have any ideas for what you like to see in the game,
please leave a comment. All feedback is appreciated!
Also don’t forget to leave a like if you liked it!

Hey @Crigence, @rcreger, @ToastMaster64, @MagmaDude100, @meburningslime.
I have a more complete game now, so y’all can re-review for a final review if y’all want.

I still plan to change the music and add modes, but that’s going to be way later with an indie account and I may possibly release this to the app soon as I change the music.

One more review would be great as the final state as using the free edition.

I will start my reviewing process soon

Alright, thanks @MagmaDude100

Okay, thank you @“JR 01” ! If you could please, just so other people are not worried that I am just choosing to review games without permission, just put the link of your game there. Here is the link of my discussion:

Thanks, and good luck with getting Indie!

(Also, since your game already has Game of the Week, it is no able to go up again :anguished: Sorry)

That’s fine, I’ll post a link.
Thanks @rcreger