DRIVE - Mobile Update log

Changes on 5/30/19:

  • PC standards
  • Control settings
  • Hotkeys/shortcuts displayed
  • New animations
  • Revised the pause behaviors
  • Minor fixes
  • Implementing these standards will help to put this game somewhere like Newgrounds.
    Also it helps to clone the game afterwards just in case I changed anything in the game, such as the pause button.
  • There is a new button, that is in a dhape of a keyboard, to display hotkeys throughout the game.
  • There is a screen for PC users to explain controls and tells that it was meant for mobile.
    This screen isn’t displayed but will for PC exports.
  • ALLOT of new animations and objects were made for shortcuts/hotkeys to be displayed.
  • The pause button behaviors were seriously outdated.
    Changes in the behavior will now display the restart button after crashing.

It doesn’t seem allot but its a day worth of changes.
Hope I can get this to the app store soon and possibly Newgrounds too.
Let me know of what you think or If you have any ideas for what you like to see in the game,
please leave a comment. All feedback is appreciated!
DRIVE - Mobile edition:

Nice job when do you think youll get it on the App Store?

I’m not sure yet @“Johnny boy”,
I’m going to look at the process and maybe get it in tonight or tomorrow.
I’m going for next week at the latest.

Ive researched it and it looks like it takes quite a while, but Im sure you can do it.