DRIVE Update log | Zombie Beach Party character available in the shop!

Changes as of 3/5/19:

  • Added Zombie Beach Party to the shop!
  • The Mute now unmutes when selecting ANY music.
  • Shadow button (New)
  • New Title animation
  • Updated Game Description
  • Fixed a few animations
  • Minor changes/fixes

*Alright, so a new character and several new features has been added!
The Zombie surfer from the intro of Zombie beach Party is now playable and can be bought in the shop!
*With all these characters in the game, why do I “seem” to die in random spots?
Well now a new button is available to answer that question, the Shadow button.
The shadow button allows the original car the be visible in the background, which is the actual hitbox of ALL characters.
The button is available only when NOT using the main character.
*Click any option for sound will now unmute the Mute button,
before you would manually unmute to mute the screen music when selected.
*Animation problems lead me to make buy-able characters to disappear when hitting an enemy (or game over).
*The Game tittle has a new/sleeker look, how does it look?

The game is nearly complete, so try the game and let me know what you think!



Also the description is now organized for what you can do on each screen.