DRIVE ~ Updatelog 1/18/19 | Time System

Changes made on 1/18/19:

  • Added Key inputs
  • Added Tips on the loading screen
  • Mute track now allways keeps the game silent when selected
  • Added a music (double 16th note) button to listen to music on a specific screen when changed (Home / Shop music)
  • implemented a time system to replace the score system (inactive for now)
  • Changed Shop music (“battle 11” to “battle 6”)

I have added Keys to all the inputs so the game is completley playable by Keyboard too. There are (for now) 5 tips that will be random on the loading screen guaranteed to change. The game is completely muted when on the muted track (8) is selected. When you slect the music you want to play to, there is now a doubled music note button that will play the theme on the selected screen again.
I would like to ask your thoughts of the system change described below @grazer @CrimsonBlackGames :

I want to know if the score system should be replaced with the time system. (The system that controls the flow of the game)
The score is constantly updated (1 point = 1/10 of a second) and the score is sent to 5 different objects all the time with the score system.
Filters are used to set requirements to what the score is for Speed and frequent Spawn.

The time system would send a constant set number to 4 objects. Speed gain will be automatic and would replace the “Faster” warning.
Speed will be automatic and spawn will be set to how long you play.
Filters would be used for how frequent the objects spawn.
There is a limit to how fast the speed and spawn will go and after it, you just play as long as you can. (similar though to the score system before).
Try the game and let me know what you think.
Game url:

~Update 1/19/18~

I finished moving everything to the time system.
The game is now controlled by seconds instead of the score number.
speed schanges every 10 seconds.
Complex obstacles spawn after 20 seconds.
spawn changes are after 50 seconds and 100 seconds (1 min, 40 sec.)
Speed change is automatic with no filters.
“Faster!” is too abrupt and was removed in favor of this.

compare last updatelog for the settings of the score system.
Let me know what you think about this update.
Game URL:

Old and New
of Enemy movement (Speed Change)

Speed change

This game is honestly amazing! I love how it looks, and how the wheels have a gravity affect to them! Amazing work, @“JR 01” !

Thanks @rcreger !
This game has really exceeded my expectations than when I first started on it. I had no idea it would get as far as I got it. I plan on making it a full game to be in the mobile appstore.

Ok @grazer ,
I think I’m finished with the core game. Let me know what you think of the gameplay is now.
Let me know if it’s too slow, fast, easy, hard, or anything you think would make the game better.
I don’t know what else I can do from here, I think this game is near it’s final stages.

I might just add a few things to the title screen and make a few skins for the shop.
But other than that, I think this game could be ready.