DRIVE Updatelog | StarBlast 3 character available in the shop!

Changes as of 1/24/19:

  • Fixed a bug (I think) that sometimes goes to another level right after entering one.
  • Added StarBlast 3 character to the shop!
  • unplayable characters are not selectable and replaced with TBA.

I still need to create some characters for the game.
I want to get at least 5 in game characters (TBA) in the game before releasing the game with a shop.
I’ve added the character from StarBlast 3 thanks to permission from @CrimsonBlackGames.
If you want to help ctreate a character or add your character, let me know!
All Characters and help will be credited.

The game is nearly complete, so try the game and let me know what you think!

Heh, thats cool!

Did i play some part in this?

“You got the same score as Starblast 3 for a reason!”

When broken games combine, i guess.

Nah, l got the character in before most of your reviews. It’s just something I wanted to try for a little while now.
BTW @Crigence, I fixed a few bugs and added a little to hopefully help with what you said. Though most of what you said I can’t seem to emulate. The game works perfectly fine when I play it. Could you try one more time when you get a chance and let me know how its doing now.

@“JR 01”
Alright, i’ll give it another try sometime!

OUCH! :frowning: