Drop down menus off located

I’ve noticed a problem on both my Surface Go and my laptop when using a drop down menu, the menu itself is located towards the bottom left of the screen. This is especially noticeable (and unusable) on my Surface Go as the menu will be located off the screen entirely (this is due to the Surface having Windows scaling set to 150%, by lowering this to 100% the menu is still off to the bottom left, but can now be reached.)
20191105 Flowlab Dropdown
This issue also happens in the behaviours area.
Strangely enough, this does NOT happen on my work desktop PC.
On both my laptop and Surface, switching browser does not fix the issue (Chrome, Chromium Edge, Edge, Firefox), nor does changing resolution (although as noted above, lowering scaling can move it closer to it’s intended spot).
All machines are running Windows 10, with the exception of my surface running Windows 10 S (using Chromium Edge).
Both the desktop and laptop have same resolution and scaling (1920x1080 100% scaling). Where as surface is higher resolution and 150% scaling.
All are on Intel CPU’s with Intel GPU’s.

Does anyone know how I could fix this?

Press Ctrl+R. if you wan’t to Full Screen press F11