Drumstep concept (WIP)

I got bored for an hour and somehow managed to put this together.
My games aren’t loading now, so I decided to open FL Studio.
It’s nothing good, but I figure if people give me feedback, and stuff,
it may make me want to work more on it, or not, idk.

Pop in earphones, and tell me what you think.

That’s cool. Sounds like a Metroid/Legend of Zelda song.

I can see how it sounds like a Metroid song.


I need to get FL studio and learn how to use it

Hey Mhx, this is great - does it loop?

I actually made this 2 years ago, if you check the post date. My Soundcloud has a few other songs on it as well, some recent ones, some really good concepts, and a couple old things I uploaded. It doesn’t loop, since it was a concept, and I pretty much never finish anything.

If you want to hear some actual Metroid concept music, here’s two that I never finished.