DrutrillionD Minecraft

so like 2 years ago (woah been 2 years since i got banned from the forums) (please don’t ban me i will not make useless topics anymore) I created this thing called DrutrillionD. It’s basically you’re a being from another dimensional space and you’re trying to get back to your dimensional space in another dimensional space. But then things get messed up and time & space can’t handle it,so the numbers increase to something so big that it doesnt even exist and you get sent to a corrupted version of your world. That’s DrutrillionD. A corrupted 2D space,you could say.
What if Minecraft was in DrutrillionD?

Update:Player object is now movable. Go commit move.


player object isn’t movable :skull:

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ill fix that

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I jumped off-screen on accident and then i couldnt do anything

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