Duck Defender

A Defend-your-base sort of game. I made it a long time ago, but just now found out I could put it on here. I think I’ve improved some since then, but feedback still appreciated!
Here it is:

P.S. It’s called “Reborn” because I had made a couple other games by the name of Duck Defender before it. I got to the point where I had improved enough to look back on them with disgust, so I made a new one from scratch that kind of encapsulated the others, and was just better all around. Hence, “Reborn”.


Graphics are cool. Game works perfectly. I just don’t like the game play. The enemies keep coming from the same spots and it repeats. Pretty boring. It’s also annoying when the player is somewhere on the top side of the screen and a quick duck comes from below. You can’t just shoot him immediately because you have to stand in front of him. Also, when does that boss even die, I get tired from repeating my actions :frowning:

Hey, nice job on that game @jambalayaman25 - I just played through and beat the giant chicken boss. I agree with @Latif3 that the graphics look great, and the gameplay was smooth and polished. Everything seemed to work like it should.

It did get a bit repetitive by the time I got to the second level, not sure what would help that though. Maybe some different ammo or enemy types that require some different strategy? I’m not sure, but you have a really solid start so far!

Nice ahah it reminds of Crash Bandicoot Minigames