Okay, I need help with the fact that I can’t seem to figure out how to make my character duck in FoodWars, as even though at the moment it serves no purpose, it’s still nice to have. I saw an old article on how to do this, but I couldn’t quite understand, as last time I messed with the size of my character, it didn’t quite work, as I had to remodel it completely… Please help.

As far as I’m aware, you can’t. Your character image is the size, and animations don’t change the hitbox. There is no current way to change the hitbox.

Okay, but since there’s no like real use for it right now, can you just tell me how to make the character stay in the position???

Ducking is just an animation that plays when you hold down. I don’t know what you’re asking.

Perhaps when you hit the down button, you could make the character emits a different object that appears like the character is ducking and is unaffected if it is hit. When the button is released, the ducking object can emit the character and destroy itself. Otherwise, I do not know any other means by avoiding hits.

That’s smart! But I honestly feel stupid. I had the keyboard button on repeating mode, which meant that it would keep repeating the signal. I just needed to turn it off. But that’s a really good idea! I can do a cloning thing with that technique! Thanks guys!!!

or just try connecting a down key block to your ducking animation block, and set the priority to 4.
that should cause the ducking animation to play when you press the down arrow key.

easy. you can. grab 3 number blocks and then a size block. hook one number block up to the size.
then hook the remaining two numbers to the “set” input. have one be triggered by “up” on a keyboard block. then hook the other one up to “down”. have the down number be 50 and the"up" number 100.
set the third block to 100 also.

the other way from mariofan2840 would work but you would keep going for- oh wait no that could work.
but you’re first character would have two be two squares high.

make it so when you press a button it emits a new block but it looks like the character ducking and make the ducking character a smaller size then the oraganal player

Make an invisible object that will be the hitbox for the player when ducking.

Extract other x and y (the players location) to the position. Use an expression to adjust the y to be on the lower part of the player. Make the Enable behavior to false.

Press a button to duck, and play an animation to duck AND make Enable to False. Turn the invisible hitbox to True.

When you release the button, play to animation to unduck and make the hitbox to false and make the player True.