Dungeon Quest is finally done!

After 3 weeks of work, Dungeon Quest is done!
Play it here!

For some reason after multiple attempts I could not start the game, space did not work, so I went into the editor and the next level and played it. Obviously because i did not choose a player, there was none but I managed to see what you had intended for your game, and:

I thought it seemed like a wonderfully fun game with a slightly medival twist! I think it looked really good from what I could see, and a very good game in conclusion. However, maybe things to work on in a sequel or (what I recommend) an update:

First, problems and Critique:

  • Making your own tiles. It gives originality to it.

  • Make the tiles darker - It feels way to bright for a dungeon and all the other objects

-Now, what to add and Improve if you want it REALLY good:

  • More enemies and level

  • Enemies drop Items which you can collect (armour, weapons, potions…)

  • Armour and weapons you can equip in a Character section in the main menu

That would make the game a lot better. Don’t know how to do some of these? Ask on here! We will all help you! Really great creation from what I could see, and 3 weeks well spent!

Oh man, thanks a ton for actually giving feedback!

Somehow it didn’t work?
Please be sure so read the whole guide (the description) to understand how it works!

Thanks Again @“The Kodex”!

Thanks for the feedback @“The Kodex” ! The game is for our school project that we worked on together. Only after checking out other people’s games have I found some better techniques to do things, and it was a little hard to change it after you built your whole system around it. Anyways, our 3 weeks are up and we can’t really change it now, but we will work on better things in the future. Hopefully, with more time. :wink:

-KauliFlowar (Himechin)