Dynamic Lighting Behavior for more Quality Games.

There should be a behavior that allows light to work properly. Basically you could design how a light would look, select its opacity and select its radius. Then you can set what sprites are affected by the light. For example a glowing orb around the player whos holding the torch, and itll light up all the black areas to reveal certain things around the player.

Does this make sense @grazer

You want shaders. I would love to have shaders. You have absolutely no idea how many hours, or even weeks or months of time it would save me to not have to make individual animations and sprites for certain times of the day, or for the glow of lava, or lights. It would save me an enormous amount of work if we had shaders. Old RPG Maker 2000 had simple shaders, and even sliders for color, where you could adjust the colors or palette for overlay. Say for example I have green grass, and at night I want it to be a tint of dark blue, I would be able to set an RGB scale. I would also be able to set a Shader scale for gradient. However, that is not a simple task, and shaders are known to slow down games on poor performance computers. I’m not sure how they will work on mobile devices. If grazer is willing to look into this, that would be one of the biggest updates I’ve seen on flowlab in a long time. It would possibly end up being a premium feature.

@“Mhx Ar” Well I think thats a bit excessive. For simple shaders like tinting certain sprites due to the weather or time of day could be done manually. I more so meant this.

But it could be way more basic. So you could create the outside environment as a dark area, but the player contains a radius with a light area that lights up everything around the player depending were they move. Just like if its dark outside and you were holding a lantern.

Youd set what object would contain light and what areas contain dark, sort of like the camera feature where you select the area the player can see.

Also if true shaders and smooth lighting was added, theres no way Flash would be able to handle that. At least on most regular PCs.

Flash is going to be gone soon anyway, so flowlab would have to run under html5 or something. Also @grazer, did their account just disappear like @CrimsonBlackGames does?

@“Mhx Ar” Yeah I emailed Grazer. My account randomly deleted, I thought I got banned so I got worried :stuck_out_tongue:


I have constant issues with Flash as well. Like when I go to edit my game…

Strange. Your flash is up to date, I assume?

Yep. I guess I’ll deal with it until we move to HTML5