Dynamic sprites

Ok so hear me out if you guys can could you add a feature so you can rig a sprite with bones.


You mean ragdoll physics?

That doesn’t sound like something that’s necessary, it would really make any sense for flowlab… just make animations

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That’s a great idea. However, it’s pretty hard for @grazer to create, for two reasons. One, it’s insanely hard to program. Two, everyone wants different types of ragdolls. Your best bet is to go to a skilled person like @Greggo or @JR_01 and have him or her show you.


That’s why I said that it wasn’t something that would make sense for flowlab

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It does. Just not as a block.


If you’re looking for ragdoll, check out this really bad example I made. It’s really bad mostly because flowlab can’t handle ragdolls XD