I’ve made the starting point of my new game, Earthcore. A spaceship game where you have to defend your own “Main Core” while trying to destroy the enemy’s. Command a variety of troops (scouts, attackers, defenders etc) to lead your team to victory! At least, that’s what I’m hoping for XD
I’m aiming for a storyline, but for now I’ve made about 70% of the tutorial. It took me about six hours however, and I feel that since the basic point’s already there I might as well begin sharing it.
I made most of my sprites from Inkscape. The tutorial ends with a Sun boss battle, when you have to fend off a Sun-like alien and defend your base from the oncoming slaught of enemy chargers. Luckily, you’ll be able to summon troops by then to defend the base. (Not done that part yet though)

You can find the sun at the top of the map after following tutorial instructions, when the red flashing lights appear and the music plays. Currently it has 3 attacks; Meteor blast, Supercharged thunder, and Summon madness. I’m actually quite proud of the animating I’ve done, tell me what you all think.

*There’s no boundary right now, so be sure to know where you are :slight_smile:

This was awfully similar to my concept, involving territory placement and towers and stuff. Id like to see where this goes

You mean Starblast?
I didn’t really try to recreate it, the only similar concepts I found is spaceships, trails and enemy troops. I don’t know about towers or territory placement, but my game’s basically a campaign of many different levels. The maps will be different, controls are different, base defends, command troops and storyline bosses… meteorites etc… powerups will be either upgrades using gold or health boxes

but I think Starblast may have inspired me to make a spaceship game. I wasn’t trying to make it similar though :frown:

No, no, dont worry about it. This actually is pretty cool. And the graphics are stunning

i think the ship needs more velocity but its a nice concept

Great start, I like the vector graphics. Maybe it would be helpful to either have your coordinates shown on screen, or possibly a map? I dunno, but I got lost a lot at the beginning.

Hard to do that on Flowlab. I didn’t input any boundaries yet, I will next time :slight_smile:

-Space background added
-Attacker command system added
-New music added (from Scott Cawthon)
-Enemy attacker spawn/charger spawn added
-Rare health box drops added

Will work on boundaries and after-death or win mechanics next.

I know a way to do a minimap

Easy, I have one in my game. Search it in the games page.

That’s great!

But I’d have to show all the troops and bases in the map, and the enemy base won’t be revealed until a scout finds it (or you do), so it’s gonna be a little too much work for me XD

I’ll just go make some boundaries instead…

Another option could be to show the coordinates, and have a Battlefield/Battlefront style “Return to battle” message if you stray to far, then eventually explode.

Hey, that’s a great idea, thanks grazer!
I was actually reluctant on making boundaries because it takes too many objects and looks unnatural when the spaceship bumps into it

Also @grazer, there’s a game called “Mans Not Hot” in page 2 which has a million plays and 30 favorites, almost certainly caused by spamming or bots. Can you check on that

The Tutorial is now completely finished and playable!
New stuff:

-The “Return to battle” message that appears when you stray off too far, gradually reducing HP the more you stay out there. You should be able to find your way back without a compass, because the scroll view isn’t too large [I actually tried to make an UI object always point to the base (using repeated timer, of course) but it only does it once. I think it’s a bug]
-You lose if your HP goes down to 0 or less; you can’t move, a “Game Over” sign appears and the screen fades to black.
-If the maincore is destroyed, all your troops will die, and you’ll start losing HP in a very rapid pace. Unless you’re just about to beat the boss, you’re toast. You’ll know the core’s destroyed when a “Maincore Destroyed” sign appears in the bottom right corner… or just by looking at your HP.
-You win if you defeat the sun. It’ll fade out into the space with a glorious effect (lol), a “Success” sign appears and you can move on to the next level.

I think that’s probably it. I’d always appreciate opinions and criticism- enjoy :slight_smile:

I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do. It says welcome to the tutorial, but then I just move around and shoot at stuff that doesn’t do anything.

Edit: Reset the game and it worked this time.
A suggestion for you would be to delete over half those stars, because it hurts my eyes like a Tv screen that isn’t on a channel, and is gray fuzz. Make 3 different one pixel stars, so it’s a map variety.

Besides that, it’s a great concept, but I feel like the ship should motor drift, like most space shooters. Feels stiff. Still, good work, keep adding more to it.

Coordinates and star example

Ooooh okay, thanks for the tip.
I’ll get to that now!

Done, though maybe I should somehow make the original coordinate 0-0

Subtracting the starting position should make it show up as 0,0

To make the original coordinate 0,0 just put the space ship on top of the top left corner of the original game rectangle, probably. That’s how the graph works. I haven’t tried it with pixels.

Hey… there was supposed to be instructions in level 1 (in the UI layer) but now it’s just a 32x32 sprite without any animations. @grazer is it possible to fix it??
I subtracted the starting position and now it works fine… thanks grazer.

@grazer pls fix, I can’t make any progress without it