Ease pausing does not work

When i try to pause the ease behavior while the easing is happening it does not work

The ease behavior is in the type “Floater Puzzle 2” or something similar

I havent looked at the code yet, but you dont have to pause the behavior itself. A simple solution would be to have one ease to go from 0 (or 100, depending on whether you are easing in or out) to whatever you want the final number to be before the pause, then set a timer that connects to another ease which goes the rest of the way

Cool solution
I will try
But i still think the pause input doesn’t working is a problem
Thank tou a lot for your cooperation

And i didn’t understand very clearly
Could you show me a picture please?

It isn’t a bug

Screenshot 2023-02-16 4.56.57 PM

What’s happening is you are using the “Get” input which is pausing it.
But you are then setting the Global, which causes it to output. This causes the behavior to unpause.

Basically, you’re just inputting into the Pause twice, meaning it’s pausing then unpausing in a single frame.

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oh ok
i understood now

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