easy fix? mouse position scrolls with camera?

Hello friends. I have a quick technical question for touch screen movement. i figured out how to have the player move towards the mouse click (finger touch) but the cursor icon does not scroll with the camera when the player walks off screen. try it out and you’ll see what I mean. Here’s the link.

Cave of Time

Red number is eyeball “x”
Blue number is Player “x”
Need eyeball to keep up with the player when the camera scrolls to the right.

Why not make the Objects in the UI layer?

@“JR 01” I tried that at one point and couldn’t get it to work how i thought, but maybe the problem is the same? The position of the cursor still remained in the “home screen” coordinates instead of being added to the camera scroll and following along. I feel like the solution is to figure out how to add the player “x” to the eye position, but it only “adds” and i cant figure out how to make it subtract when the player starts heading left.

Sorry, I feel like I’m having a hard time explaining it in words.

@todorrobot It works in the UI behavior for me,
but adding Camera position and Mouse should keep it on screen left or right.


BUT I would try to use the UI layer again, then it SHOULD just be MouseMove --> Position

That’s perfect. I knew I was missing something easy, but i did NOT know that you could send camera position through a message. Nice! Thanks @“JR 01”

Yeah, ‘set X’ outputs on auto-scroll.

But I also looked in the UI layer and saw an eye in the library that wasn’t in the level earlier
and it seems to work fine… (edit *It seems you removed it)

There’s also a “Follow Mouse & Scroll” example here on the examples page: https://flowlab.io/examples