Edit button switch feature

It would be cool if there was a feature where you could switch off or on the edit button from users. So they can’t go through the code of the game. But only people that have Indie or Education or Studio could access the feature. Free accounts wouldn’t have access to the feature where they can’t switch off or on the edit button from there games that users would have access to. So the users would have access to the code of that game.

Please add this @grazer!

Don’t no how many times I’ve heard this and i think every one can agree with a “YES”

@GrimProductionZ, This feature would be awesome.

Please add this @grazer!


Yes @grazer add this now to receive a hug from the coronavirus cure.

This has come up and been requested many times, and I struggle with it each time :slight_smile:

Basically, I understand the desire to want to “hide” your logic or disable the edit button to prevent people from monkeying with it, “cheating”, or whatever.

The reason I have never added this feature, although it would be technically simple, is that it goes against the spirit of collaboration I’ve always wanted to foster with Flowlab. Similar to how I think it was an important decision to have a “view source” button in the web browser so that anyone can easily see how a web page was assembled, having the game and editor tightly combined is a core part of the games listed on Flowlab. That’s not to say it will never happen, but I’m not ready to make that change yet.

All that being said, the good news is that you can easily make non-editable versions of your game already:

  • For the web, just embed your game on a different website - editing is disabled for embedded games. You can optionally make it private to hide it on the Flowlab site too.
  • Exported games are already not editable - Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android versions are already play-only.

I understand that it’s against the spirit of collaboration

But when people ask “Hey how did you make that character move?” maybe the creator of the game could show a piece of the code to the public how to make a movement script just like the player in their games.

And @grazer, Is there going to be a shader effect feature, For screens and objects. To spice up games a bit more so more people would be interested.

And it would be cool if the transition of going one level to the next wouldn’t cost 1 second but a millisecond. Like a smooth transition.

Also, check this topic out:


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@R0CK We have a trello board, most of the things people have requested a lot is already there:

Most features just get requested over and over and grazer is already aware. He is just one man and doesn’t work on flowlab full time. So if you suggest something, don’t assume it’ll be added within a few days. There are features I’ve been waiting for years to be finally implemented in flowlab.

I understand, @Latif.

Understandable, have a great day