Editing games on phone

Could there be a way of editing games on phone. I mean you can, but every time I tap on a sprite the editing menu is bigger than the phone screen. So @grazer is there a way of shrinking stuff like that so it can fit the phone screen.

@ManiacPumpkin welcome to the forum!
I am meburningslime, a long time user. I want to say that this is a frequently requested addition, but one of the most tedious to make. While I have no doubt in my mind that mobile edition will come some day, @grazer has many things to do and is currently debugging a background update and ranking a Flowjam Competition. Sadly, he is a one-man-band and refuses any help. So my answer is yes, but not soon.

Well, Im a bit disappointed cause Ive been on for over a year and used to make a lot of games but wasnt too popular. I have been away for a while and just returned on my phone. I made my games on computer but I was checking to see if I could make games on the phone. I cant believe you forgot about me :frowning:

@ManiacPumpkin I realized it was u after posting lol