Editing Menu Lagggg

Everytime I got to edit my inventory system on my game, either it refreshes the page losing all of my progress or the website crashed. @grazer is there a way of making the editing behaviors way less laggy. It would really help some of us who have really poor devices. Although, not sure if it can be done, just saying it would help a lot.

Hi, attaching screenshots or a video (you can record using Loom), would help to know what problems you are dealing with.

You can check if the website crashed by pressing F12 and then opening the console.

Well, its not laggy on my computer, but its very laggy on my school iPad (Which has a keyboard) and everything was doing great until I was working on an inventory system. Now I cant even open the behaviors. Good news is that I found an inventory system that works.

Also @grazer not sure what is going on here, but this keeps happening and its preventing my game from running normally.

Well, I cant upload the image apparently, but the switched keep saying that they are off, but they are on. And when I change it, it takes the nearest switch and turns the light off as well. And Its super annoying. Is there a way you could fix this.