Editor Bug: Making Objects

It seems whenever I Place something as of 2/10/18, when I Place something else, or switch levels, ALL items I Place disappear. The editor thinks I never placed this item. As I am attempting a graphical overhaul for my latest project, adding more graphically pleasing objects is literally IMPOSSIBLE. I would appreciate some advice, or a patch that may solve this bug. I may just be doing something wrong, though. \? ?/
With missing water sprites and rain sprites, The layout looks… just, incomplete.

Is it possible you are not logged in? If not, the editor should be flashing yellow in the lower right corner, and playing a beep every time it fails to save.

Otherwise, any changes you make should be saving automatically.

Post a link to the game, along with the name of a missing object, and what level it should be in, and I’ll take a look.

Item Name: Water, Rain
Level: Overworld 1, Overworld 2