Editor feature request - select and move multiple objects

Pretty self-explanatory, I would like to be able to, in the editor, select a bunch of objects and move them all to a new position, but relative to each other they stay the same.


I would like to add this as well. I see two possible approaches:

  1. Click and drag: a select rectangle, like selecting multiple behaviors in the behavior window. This is quick and simple, but you can only select a rectangle shaped area - not a specific set of objects.

  2. Multiselect: click to select the specific objects you want to move. This is more tedious, but allows selecting an exact set of objects.

For the record I prefer style 1, but I would like to hear others people’s thoughts.

Additionally, I don’t love the idea of (only) keyboard shortcuts since they are not discoverable and cannot work on mobile. Thoughts on how this might work?


I like the select rectangle as well, but I think selecting an exact set would be more useful. It might be too complicated, but maybe a system similar to how in Windows you can select things using a rectangle but then also add or subtract from your selection using shift or control?

You could do something like in the code editor, where you have a button option to select things. It wouldn’t have to be a dedicated button either, maybe an option for an advanced level editor tool set could be available for those who want it/have screen space?

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I recommend if you do add it, make it something like the one from mario maker. A specific button you click, then you can click and drag a rectangle to then be able to drag the contents, obviously snapping to the grid (unless you want a button that disables snap to grid)

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Thanks for the recommendation. I haven’t played Mario Maker, but I’ll check it out. I’m open to looking at any other examples as well.

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mario maker 2 in Nintendo Switch @grazer

@8-bit_Studio I want to note that both games Mario Maker and Mario Maker 2 use the exact same multi select feature. I will delete this comment Friday because it serves no purpose, I just wanted to let you know.

@sans7657 - your post does serve a purpose, it saves me some time. Thanks :slight_smile:

I GOT INDIE (for a month tho still cool)

Awesome, thanks! :star2:

has this been added yet? i can select things but not move them

Bruh. I just thought this was new. It’s not added I think but if u wanna delete multiple thing hold backspace and hover your mouse on the things you want deleted and don’t post on old topics to pls

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