Editor update - bug fixes and a new behavior block 📢 [Re-Updated]

I just deployed a new update that contains mostly bugfixes and a couple of updates.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue (again) with sounds not playing in Chrome version 92
  • Fix sound playback on iOS safari
  • Dropdown scrollbar close is less aggressive
  • Text area auto-scroll when typing
  • Emitter angle reset fix
  • Random behavior block reset fix
  • Particle inheritance reset fix


  • New behavior block: ‘Object Value’
  • Fullscreen workaround for browsers without it (iOS Safari)
  • Next Level behavior black has been renamed to Load Level
  • Extractor block can now extract object names

Please let me know if you see any issues with the update.



I’ll update my tutorial project soon then :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update, I love the new behavior!


Yet another great update, grazer! Like the scrollbars, SO much better!


:0 I like these especially, that’s definitely a more fitting name, and that extractor update will be a huge time saver.


Today the extractor block hasn’t been editable - any chance it could have been messed up in the update? I’m trying to extract other x.

Also, there isn’t any documentation yet for ‘object value’ - this might be a known issue but for now I’m not sure how to use it :slight_smile:


Extractors has to have name and type when extracting other objects. If it still resets, then change the “name” of the object your trying to extract.

Object value is to store a value for that specific object. This value could even be different between clones.
For example, you have a set of clones with an object value called “Health”. Updating this value will be separate with each other, so one clone can have “Health” of 100 and another with 50. Another thing is that the value can be used anywhere within itself, kinda how you get a value from a save block.


@JR01 Thank you! The problem with the extractor is actually that when you click to edit, it pops up a black box in the upper left corner and selects the extractor box to move it instead of letting you change things.


Weird, I’ve never seen that.

Does it do this every time?
Try moving it around or add a new extractor block, does it still do this?

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Yes, it’s so odd. Other extractor blocks are working fine but whenever I add a new one in that position in the flow the issue persists. (I also can’t delete the broken ones since I can’t open their editors).

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Do you mind leaving a link or DM me the link?

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This behavior actually looks like the editor is throwing an error instead of displaying the settings panel. Are there any errors shown in your browser console?



Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'toString' of null
    at ui_nodeproperties_ExtractorProperties.populate (Flowlab.js?v=177:182202)
    at ui_nodeproperties_ExtractorProperties.ui_nodeproperties_PropertyLayout [as __class__] (Flowlab.js?v=177:181124)
    at new ui_nodeproperties_ExtractorProperties (Flowlab.js?v=177:182173)
    at logic_properties_Extractor.getPropertyUI (Flowlab.js?v=177:66844)
    at ui_NodeProperties.populate (Flowlab.js?v=177:176784)
    at Function.ui_Workbench.toggleProps (Flowlab.js?v=177:179770)
    at logic_properties_Extractor.onMouseUp (Flowlab.js?v=177:55630)
    at openfl_events__$EventDispatcher_Listener.f [as callback] (Flowlab.js?v=177:275634)
    at openfl_display_Stage.__dispatchEvent (Flowlab.js?v=177:1085)
    at openfl_display_Stage.__dispatch (Flowlab.js?v=177:2022)

Also, it’s happening across multiple computers and types of browsers.


Ok, so this morning I tried again just replacing it with a new block with the same selections and it worked! Not sure what was happening before but it might be fixed now?
EDIT: Never mind, still happening


Editor Update Update:

I have just deployed an update to the update, in order to fix some reported issues:

  • Looping was not working correctly (fixed)
  • @abrenon reported a crash (fixed)
  • Audio previews were failing in the behavior editor after a period of time (fixed)
  • Object Value documentation missing Flowlab User Guide

Unrelated to this update, but changed nonetheless: Tweaked the behavior handbook menu layout to make navigation easier.


Thank you very much!