Electric Rougarou RE-RELEASE

The new 4x3 thumbnails has me wanting to go back to my old games and update them, so that is my plan. I’m starting with Electric Rougarou, which is from the Summer FlowJam 2021. I have updated the thumbnails and the game now includes a leaderboard… who will be number one?


give us a story mode

The main game is the story mode.

Teaslee try not to top every Flowlab leaderboard challenge (IMPOSSIBLE) (EPIC FAIL)
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ngl epic tho seriously keep going Teaslee


but theres no ending… is there?

Please don’t spam useless posts on topics, you are making the forums worse and the Flowlabbers have communed on Discord to agree.

no, im being on topic

He’s not off topic… I welcome criticism and ideas, that’s how we grow as artists and people.

I never thought too hard about the story having an ending, the intro serves mainly as a way to explain what a rougarou is (which is a French werewolf). I guess the story ends with the player dying… I know that sounds like a cop out, but I’m not really wanting to go back and edit the actual game itself, just the thumbnails and maybe adjust color or add leaderboards.


lol yeah I am but the leaderboard seems to be a bit behind or something because I got a score of 30 but it seems to still be at 17. Nevermind It changed lol

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Takes updating time

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Sometimes I am unable to make some jumps, it seems like the platform is at the lowest point going to the highest. I am on mobile, so maybe this is effecting it a little?

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I set the record for a few of the levels.

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The game randomly adds jumps that the player can’t make.


Thanks glad to hear.


Did you set the record ten points over mine?

are you supposed to hit the drones?

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I don’t know, but they spawn 30 times after the player dies.

I don’t believe they do anything

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The drones don’t do anything but explode when you hit them, I never gave too much thought into them actually advancing the game, I added them to adhere to the “breakable” secondary them from that Jam.

P.S. @grazer you should do secondary themes next time as well…

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