first change the sprite to this and set the collision to polygon and solid and affected by gravity
Screenshot 2020-08-01 at 11.33.01 AM
also add this into the barrier blocks(the ones on the side) so the player can exit. you don’t need the floor block and you can replace it with the ground block

Screenshot 2020-08-01 at 11.33.29 AM

for the elevator code just change the w to repeating(gravity will bring it back down)

if you want it to be more complicated just ask because this was a super simple way

ok, ill see how I like it


you’re welcome. (you might want to make it not go as fast because it sometimes makes the player glitch through the elevator)


I still can’t go in the elevator. Did I do something wrong?

did u make the collision shape polygon

Nevermind, I messed up on the sprite. My bad


I can get into the elevator now but it doesn’t go up

It goes up but way too fast and I fall out

change the number in the elevator lower

I did and now it won’t go up at all

let me see

it is the repeater. if you delete that, it works


It still won’t work :frowning:

it does . you have to hold down w