Embedding in wix not working

I am trying to embed my game in my wix site and it works sometimes on the preview and edit mode, but not on the live site. To embed it, I tried using the code and the embed url (https://flowlab.io/game/embed/754929). It will load the bottom text (made with flowlab) but not the game.

@CrimsonBlackGames - are you still using Wix? Do you know the secret to embedding games there?

Check your permissions, but it seems newer sites dont work with it.

See if your site has flash as one of its permissions

How would I check my permissions? And I seem to be getting the feeling that wix doesn’t really support flash, is there any other way of getting a flowlab game onto another website?

Wix supports flash.

If youre using chrome, to the left of your URL bar, theres a little i in a circle. Click it and find flash.

I have allowed flash, the game still doesn’t load. It shows the text below the game but not the actual game.

Go to the embed page itself, enable flash there, then go back

I have allowed flash on https://flowlab.io/game/embed/754929 and on my wix site

hey what is wix? and how do i use it

there’s something called google

[spoiler]it’s a web builder[/spoiler]

I am also having similar problems with Wix…where only the text below shows. Does anyone have any other ideas?

You have to enable flash in your page @benbetti