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bro is bedazzling

Stoic idle animation I made for full body Ebic


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Most extra evolved healthbar (gameplay terms)


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Here is a card sample for a TCG I plan on making. I don’t know if it will be an actual flowlab game, but it will be a legit card game, since the card uses the same dimensions as a regular playing card, it can be printed on cardstock as such.

It’s still very rough as I may end up redoing the border a bit better, and then I’ll work on a back cover for it as well. My printer can print double sided, but for some reason, when it prints on the backside of a print, it offsets it by a 16th of an inch, which may not seem like much, but the back never aligns with the front, and using a full colored border such as this, it won’t do. So, I’m going to print on separate sheets and just spray adhesive them together so the two-sheet layer of cardstock (which is more like construction paper) will make it more durable as a normal card.


Since I also wrote up my own ancient alphabet for the series, I could have rare copies of Foremakers that are displayed in another language, but could be translated by the standard Counterpart.


Make it into a game! I would love to play it.


I never knew swords staffs were actually a thing until I started research swords for my game. So I though it would be cool if I made my own spinoff of it. It wasn’t as good as I imagined, but I am still proud of it:
pixil-frame-0 (20)


WOWZA! is that foreshortening I see?

Oh, nice! I like the mechanical style of it.

It’s called a Glaive.

I think so, it looks pretty good.


Each card will have their own Layout, so most of the Scepter Foundation cards will use the same layout as above, except I might change the blue stripes to white. The High Chieftain and Site Admin will be green, Heavy Guards will be red, and the Deaths Row either a darker gray card with red, or black stripe.

Other cards, like Foremakers, Elites, etc, will have their own respective design like an ancient text or alien like document. I know for the Cordiks, it’s going to probably be an ancient scroll that depicts just a drawing of what they have been seen as, since no one currently has seen one, except most Foremakers.
I hope the game turns out to be good. I even joined a custom TCG discord server to help get some ideas and they first suggested making basic white paper cards with only the name and data and try playing games and adjusting stats and costs so it is more balanced and enjoyable before making a ton of full set cards and they all have to be edited or discarded.


This is me making a dialog for my game its kinda hard but does anyone know how to make a cool player like a guy that is all black and white and has a animation because i’m making a discovery game

Okay, did you post it on the wrong topic? This topic is specifically for art, sometimes level design, but not game mechanics.

No im on the right one art i need help with art

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That is what im asking about a cool 1980 black and white charater

What do you need help with?

So you want the everyday suit-man?

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Yes but all black and white to make it look sad.



That looks dope i like it

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