Ember's art and animation club [OPEN TO REQUESTS]

This proves my point even further, you mixed up spill with spoil.


You meant to say you weren’t gonna spoil anything.

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I think he meant to say “spill”

I did not. By ‘spill’ I meant spill any information, or spill the beans. I apologize for bad wording, and I did not make a typo.

I am not interested in another user using an AI for grammar. Please stay on topic.

I was comparing you to the AI. (Okay I’ll stop)

This generation of humans tend to have a lack of grammar skills.

This is quite a bad one though.

At some point the joke gets old. Though if it’s continued long enough it’ll get to the point that it is funny again. However, I think the off-topic should end before that point is reached.


JUSTPLAINGOOD game cover concept 1 (16x12)
Just the cover for the JPG examples games.

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Oh my goodness more things!
It’s a lot . . . Be warned mobile users

Heres one for the mobiles who don’t want to look.

This is more of the EPIC animation


Wow, that looks great Bee!

Finish the animation?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I’ve never heard it (Go find God Games Ares and Aphrodite on YouTube then)
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I’m bored and I don’t know if I should finish this or not.


Whenever I’m bored, I like to draw or gamedev.