Emit offset

The offset decides where the emitted object spawns. There are 2 text boxes to change the x and y offset in pixels. If you set the x offset to 5 the object will be emitted 5 pixels next to the object which emitted it. -5 will spawn it on the other side (left). If you keep the offset at 0 the emitted object will spawn inside the object.

Another idea, you can set the initial rotation value of the emitted object. This is useful when you want to make bullets shoot in directions. I don’t know if the offset should be flipped if the object gets flipped too (like x = 5 becomes x = -5). I think it makes sense if it’s like that.

I still don’t understand how force works and it’s really weird It’s just initial impulse

Force works like this- pretend there’s an impulse being triggered with an once.

If it’s positive it will go in the direction it’s facing. If negative, it goes the opposite direction

Never realized it’s just an impulse :open_mouth:

@grazer It would be nice if this becomes a real feature. The emit behavior we have now is really weird.



Hey @Latif3 - I have plans to do something similar to this, but it’s not super high on the list at the moment.