emit smoke from behind a plane

hi everyone does anyone know how i can emit smoke behind my character which is a plane, i can emit a missile easy that comes from front , but i dont know how to emit anything behind a character any help please

You are not very clear, but I think I understand what you mean…

You should probably play with the emitter’s parameters. If the problem is that you have trouble emitting something that goes back, I am gonna show you a little example:

Let’s say your plane is going towards right. Well, simply change the FORCE parameter of your smoke emitter to a negative number. Of this way, your smoke will go backwards.

Hope this post will help you.

ok thanks i give it a go

i tried that mate it works but when i turn the plane the smoke dont turn with the plane when i turn other directions if you know what i mean

Check rotate object and make sure angle is independent is unchecked

ok thanks