I am trying to create an “artillery” game where each player can set the angle and power of an artillery shot, and try to hit the other guy first. I am successfully using the emitter to shoot projectiles, and using the mouse to control the angle at which the bullet is emitted.

However, it appears that the “emit force” value is fixed; I was hoping to be able to set the “emit force” as an input to the emitter component, but I don’t see any way to do that. I would like to request adding “force” as an input value.


Or if there is another simple way to do this, please let me know, thank you!

Yep… if you need different emit force for some reason, you can emit force of 0 and make the object move a random speed with Forward in Velocity.

@mistermasher - there is no force input, but that’s a reasonable request. I’ll add a Trello card for it.

@“JR 01” provided a workaround in the meantime - Set the force to some small value, then have the emitted object itself set its forward velocity. Whatever value you send to the “emit” input will end up as the emitted object’s “starting value”. You can access this value using an extractor and use it to set the forward velocity.

Thanks JR & grazer.

I was experimenting with the approach you suggested, and it was giving me problems until I realized I needed to set the rotation of the object to the emit angle for this to work. Otherwise, the “forward” impulse was sending it in the wrong direction. But I think I have gotten it working, thanks again.