Enemy help

Sometimes when i get hit by my enemy no restart option pops up

Post a link to your game, for help.


hello lucknoskillz! I checked your game, it works fine!

okay cool thanx and what did you think

I tried to get killed by them and i ALWAYS saw a pop up box

Thanks its good to know its just me

you must add ALERT

BLux Xray was right

Can someone help me with my boss… he won’t allow me to damage him half the time so i would just die

I killed him, he just has a small head. Maybe give the player a health bar too.

I use labels for health

Hey is it easy for you all to kill him cause whenever i hit his head i spawn under him and he kills me even with the health bar

i also would like to know how to bounce off his head so this wont happen

do something like
(collision below player - touch enemy) — timer 1 — impulse 5
or however you prefer. The timer is so you damage the enemy first.

lol now im just bouncing around all the time and also when i die i restart to the first level instead of like level four where i died. my whole programs a mess :confused:

so i fixed most of the stuff that was going on except for my boss damaging me with every hit i inflict on him…,

ok so there is no enemy in flappy cat but a problem is that you start of on a block and a danger is dont touch a block so you die the whole time and can not play i can not change the danger i need much help

ig no one is willing to help me anymore


I just tried your boss battle, and the rocks didn’t damage him or me. What do you mean he damages you with every hit you inflict?

Also, I ran out of rocks right away - how do you kill the boss once your rocks are gone?