Enemy Ideas for Ace Vanguard

Hello. I am currently in need of enemies for my game Ace Vanguard, but I need spaceship enemies that pose a threat to you (how they pose a threat is up to your imagination).
Please post any ideas you have on this chat.
Here’s the Link if you need a specific example: https://flowlab.io/game/play/1250260

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the enemy ships could blink around the player like teleporting every half a second, i did it before and im not sure how.

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How about an enemy that slowly rotates around the player as they get closer?

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AI might be hard for this, but add a smart fighter that acts like the player, dodges shots and shoot back, and even leads their shots

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Oh maybe also a sorta mini-boss or boss enemy that stays at a set distance from the player and faces towards them, but have a shield so you cant just shoot them, then they shoot missiles out the sides that curve around and you have to trick them into hitting the shield to damage the enemy

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Yeah i’m replying a lot in quick succession, but I think if you manage to code a good clone fighter AI it could be a real challenge

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Scout: A mini, small sized pilot ship that usually just bugs you like an insect. They do have firepower, but don’t shoot a whole lot since they mainly just try to get in your way and you might end up flying straight into them losing some health.

Carrier: A carrier is a large scale ship that doesn’t have any firepower, but mainly acts as a shield against your bullets since they take up a lot of damage before destruction. They will form lines towards you goal and shield up ships that have longer range weaponry which makes it more difficult for you to attack.

Chemical Transport: Similar to that of the transport, but instead it doesn’t really count as a shield, but more of a bomb. Since it is transporting a huge amount of radioactive chemicals (farmed from a nearby mining operation on a planet), when it starts taking damage, it then gains a poison effect since some of the chemical is eating away at the ship, but once it loses all health it will cause a bigger explosion than normal either damaging you, or any nearby enemies alongside it.

Ship Carrier: About the same thing as the others but a lot bigger in size, every few seconds it will release a scout or a smaller scale ship from its hull and can be a big pain.

Fighter Ship: Pretty much the basic unit of the enemy fleet. Just tries to stop you and when at low health it will attempt to crash into your ship, trying to stop you at all costs.

Railgun Ship: This ship can be deadly for it usually hangs around the back of the fleet or behind small groups of other ships. It takes a long time to reload a shot, but the shot is insanely accurate and can be difficult to dodge. The bullet (mainly made up of plasma) can really mess up your ship in a few shots)

Captain: This vessel is similar to that of the fighter ship, but is a little more aerodynamic looking and a little bit bigger in size. Fires usually a lot more and has similar techniques.

Hyper: Similar to the fighter but moves a lot faster. Fires at you and dodges bullets insanely quickly.

Spider Drones: Maybe a boss or something shoots these specific bullets that act as little spiders. When you get it, they stick to your hull and you slowly take damage. This acts like a poison effect, but poison wouldn’t effect a ship, but spider drones would. So after a while the drones will slowly fall off of your ship. If you run into another ship it will also knock them all off, getting rid of them, but they should naturally fall off over time.

Big Boi: This ship is insanely huge and can technically be considered a boss. It’s not as big as some of the more large ships in the fleet, but it contains multiple cannons on the wings and hull that aim and fire at you. Each cannon includes its own health bar and the ships hull cannot be damages unless the four main cannons on the hull are destroyers. There are eight cannons total. Two on each wing and four on the hull. The two farthest ones are rail guns. The other set of two on the wings will shoot bullets in a rotating fashion and will send a wave of them at you. The middle four cannons just seem kind of basic, but they shoot target seeking missiles that follow you upon firing, but have huge turning radius’ so they tend to fall off course. Of course this would be no where near the final boss.

Sorry, I would come up with a hundred more ship ideas, but my class period is about to end so I have to cut this a bit short. I kind of based some of these designs off of space ship games that I played in the past and I kind of added some original design to them as well. All though there are a lot more ship ideas that I have, I can’t name them all off right now so this will have to be it for now.


@The_Undying @spencertheball @ManiacPumpkin Thanks for all the suggestions! I will take into account all of your ideas and see exactly which ones I can figure out how to make on Flowlab.


Also, @ManiacPumpkin , That is a LOT of ideas and I would appreciate all of them I could get, but TBH, I have a free account and I can’t fit them all in my game. Just warning you that I have enough ideas and you don’t need to spend another hour after school typing another list :laughing: . Anyway, thanks for your help, I really appreciate it!


Ouch, didn’t even acknowledge me :confused:

Sorry about that @Crigence . I must have glazed over your name because of the completely blank avatar. I do, however, like your idea and will put it in the game for sure. It’s a good idea

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Here’s some more!

Heavy (weapons guy): A slow ship with a fast gun that stays at mid range and provides suppressing fire for its team. The Heavy almost never shoots directly at you, instead shooting to the sides to make dodging tricky.

Assassin: A sneaky type of enemy that sneaks around you while cloaked, then decloaks and tries to hit you with a sneaky attack from behind. Stay on your toes when these enter the field.

Trapper: This enemy has no weaponry equipped, except for a tractor beam. The trapper will stay behind enemy lines and latch on to you with a tractor beam, dragging you towards it and restricting your movement, letting the others get easy shots.

Armada Ace: A powerful boss, despite its size. Just a normal fighter… right? You aren’t the only dogfighting prodigy in the world, this one graduated top of the class in the armada. This fighter has been modified to have stronger guns, missiles, and tough shields. The fighter itself does advanced techniques such as leading their shots, moving unpredictably, drifting, dodging, and using cover. They’ll use their missiles to cut you off, then shoot you while you are turning, and their shields can take plenty of punishment. You’re outgunned, but maybe not outplayed, show them your skills!


Sounds like a good boss idea!

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I have yet to meet one that can outsmart bullet