Enemy Path to player character controlled by difficutly

Hi all,

So far I am impressed with Flowlab and the community here who have been really helpful with my questions.

This next question determines whether I can continue with Flowlab as I have hit “problems” with other gaming engines where this is extremely difficult or impossible to do.

Situation of the game (also needs to be possible)
So what the game comprises of is that the player (You) has the ability to make sure that numerous characters do not change their state to e.g. X. If they do then the “enemy” starts to look for that character or characters. The player then has to find ways to change the state of these characters before the “enemy” gets to them which then if it does, does the equivalent of taking off the life of these characters.

Is it possible to dictate the time it takes for the “enemy” to get to the characters by difficulty? E.g. An easy mode the “enemy” would take longer than medium or hard modes.

just speed up the velocity the enemy moves at based on the saved difficulty

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@Galactian thank you for this suggestion, is there anywhere to provide various paths to the character when the enemy is looking for them?

also being new to Flowlab which “blocks” are used to create the logic for this?

Different paths can be acheived with a Router (Logic & Math). Here’s an example

you can make different paths by having a combination of Velocity blocks in certain directions

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@BradenS Thank you once again for this, I presume like what @Galactian suggested the velocity of these paths could be increased or decreased to

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Yes, depending on the difficulty, you can set the velocity higher as Galactian said before

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