Enemy Tests (Free Code)

Hi! I’m Baconcat008 and I had some ideas for enemies, and I made them! Feel free to take the code and use them in your own games, just give me credit in your description and/or credits!

W, A, S, D = Movement
M = Go to Menu
R = Restart once you’ve died
P = Start and stop the timer once you’re in a level.
Dev Commands: + & - add and subtract damge from the player, and \ will kill the player outright

Menu Navigation
Use your movement keys to move to the enemy you want.

Enemy Types
Red: Will follow you until you die.
Purple: Will shoot bullets that will go in a singular direction.
Orange: Will shoot bullets that will follow you around.


(controls are also in the description)


Ive had this design in my game for about 6 days already.

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Cool! I didnt think I was the first to find it, But I did make all of the code myself.

Yeah same i was trying to make some ships follow me like that, your is different though since they are not moving toward you but it’s the same idea.

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yea! (you have no idea how happy I am that you didnt accuse me for stealing XD)

That was kind of a rude thing to say. Not very cash money of you XD


lol, sorry. I was just worried because you had something simmilar.
But it WAS very cash money of you not to accuse me (: