Error with the extractor block or am I just dumb

This should be extracting me this objects y coords and another one’s y coords, which are indeed different, yet its mixing them up, returning incorrect values.

Idk quite how to explain this, but heres the link to my game


Hello @badabadaba!

All you need to do is make the object movable in the physics settings, that seems to fix it.
So there’s no error with the behavior (I think), and don’t think you’re being dumb because it took me way too many tests to get to a final conclusion, hence all the edits…

bongo slime cat


It works for me, movable would just make it interactive by other objects.
Though, the ease you have is set to elastic and somewhat fast.

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hey @glowbug mind if I use that art for a profile pic

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No, not at all, I don’t mind you using my art as long as you make sure I know about it.


that is kinda on purpose, thx

thx man I fixed it! i kinda feel like a square brain ngl