Escapade - The newest MASSIVE open world RPG: Coming Soon

Explore the world of Escapade, traveling by land, air, and sea. Captain your ship to the ends of the seas, pilot your airship (coming soon) to the heaven, drive your land vehicle (coming soon) across any terrain, as you conquer this massive world, consisting of multiple continents! Play as Alexander, a young warrior, soon to be king, and many others to come, in attempt to save their dying world, through this puzzle filled, action packed, epic rpg. Escapade will introduce a new and exciting combat system as well as challenging AI to create the best gaming experience as you sit at the edge or your seats!



Arrow Keys…Movement
S…Action Button
D…Exit Button
R…Load Game
X…Fast Travel Home
Space Bar…Save Game

Reported Glitches:

Boat disappears sometimes from dock after saving. To fix this, simply walk to the dock, save and reload your game, the boat should appear.

Random spawn location after saving. To fix this, load up the game again, then move somewhere and save, and load the game again, you should re-spawn back in your position, not sure why this one happens.

Boat on land. When docking, if you press the S key, instead of D to exit the ship, you glitch onto land. To fix this, just remember, the D key is to dock, not the S key.

PLEASE report any glitches to us so we can fix them immediately.

Play Here

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Dang it I should of signed up to help with this game :frowning: but very cool man!

Now there is a combat system, press D to attack. (That will be upgraded), as well as the exterior of one town completed. Check out the update!

screenshot (1)

I don’t think the boat’s supposed to do that

@EnderBronze54 Thanks, the ship on land glitch has been solved! You should never encounter that problem again!


Looking forward to the puzzles being added in, they will really add to the game.

I made the game area/world bigger (both width and height) when I was playing using the settings which I preferred.

Good stuff!


Just made updates to the battle system, it’s a real time turn based thing. The only thing you can do is attack, but watch out, enemies can counter your attack if they attack at the same time! You can do the same, but it’s difficult to time!

Triggering the battle: Simply just run into or get ran into by an enemy.

screenshot (2)

Items are the next thing to be coming, as well as the rest of the in battle commands.

S key … Select command
D key … Cancel command

Looks great, but I can’t get past the title screen. Where is the start button?