Estella’s World (Game Dev. Studio) - EVERYONE WELCOME

Hey! With my new game jam game comes a new opportunity! Join our dev. team! (Notice that this dev. team is widespread and isn’t meant for the development of Estella and the Four Foods of Existence, the name is merely inspired by the game).

Estella’s World is a game development team focused on creating environmental, story driven games (as large scoped projects). We also like to focus on much smaller games, to keep our game dev. skills in touch.

Most recent projects include:

• Estella And the Four Foods of Existence

To join the dev. team, you must have discord and be in the server (that is the only requirement).


Q: Is there any payment involved?
A: No, there is no payment via money, but we’re hoping to give your game development identity reputation. We feel that this decision will influence younger developers to join our team.

Q: Will games for Estella’s World be developed only in Flowlab?
A: At the moment, yes. At some point this may change.

Q: How does the team role system work?
A: See <#929554256170721300> (Discord required to see or use ID) for information on this.

Q: How are games made?
A: Using Flowlab under our game dev. team. The best thing about Estella’s World is that you don’t need a team! Creating games is purely for fun and reputation, and you can take as long as you’d like on a game.

Q: I’m a Flowlab free account, can I still join?
A: Yes, of course! The games will be made under a game dev. team by me, meaning being on the dev. team will give you access to infinite games, levels, and objects!

If you have any more questions or want to know more about something, feel free to DM <@825392044779503636> (Discord required to see or use ID)


Sounds interesting I may consider


I would like to join!


Just join the discord server :slight_smile:


Bruh. No problem, I have discord.


I would wanna join but le parents blocks discord, I have it on my phone but I can’t use it right now.

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That sucks, maybe you could convince your parents to unblock it.


I’ve tried, I guess I’ll wait for my phone to work again.

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if they blocked discord why do you have it on your phone?

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Idk, my parents say the app is fine, but I remember these fine words: “Do not use the Discord website again, don’t test me boy.”. It’s stupid :confused:

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New update!:


(Unfinished, won’t be finished for flowjam. Most likely will be finished after game jam (or maybe not, depending if I have inspiration/motivation or not.))

  • Clem