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I agree.

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Wait realy it says that? Damn well that means I have to try to change it to access let me in

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Ok fixed it! I wonder why people still liked it even though they didnt listen to it.

Finished cyberpunk edgerunners; would recommend 100% very good but only if you are old enough


Haven’t watched too much lately, but so far:

  1. A Silent Voice
  2. Kaguya
  3. Erased (except the ending lol)
  4. Spy X Family
  5. Ranking of Kings

Recently started Chainsaw Man, which is pretty good. Also a couple shout outs: Violet Evergarden’s music was great, but got too bored to finish it (still listen to the OST tho), and Komi Can’t Communicate. It was good, but I don’t really have a place for it on the list lol

I’ve only started watching about a year and a half ago. Still not big in it, but I still find it fun to watch:D