Everything's messed Up!!!!

I reloaded my page, and now everything is wrong, my towers don’t sell corectly, and they were colliding with themselves. My operator seems to disappear, If anyone see’s any problems, please help ):
My game- https://flowlab.io/game/play/1371445

Found your problem, you have 2 operators on top of each other so your spawning 2 towers.
What do you mean by disappear? its off screen and its what manages the money…

When I started the waves on Level 4, the operator despawned and the game froze.

And now I can’t get there to only be one operator, they keep coming back, It’s an apocalypse!!!

hmm seems fine for me, this might be from the new update…
do you see the square option in the proximity?
If not, then sign out and sign back into your account

They won’t GO AWAY

Never Mind, I finally got it to work, thanks