EVO is not really a game. Its a simulation of the life of a made up organism who’s name I haven’t decided upon. Watch 'em live their life! Play here: http://flowlab.io/game/play/1373819

I like the concept! It’s interesting. But, I do have some feedback to give, if you want. (I am relatively skilled in AI)
Almost your entire system is based on randomization, which isn’t very lifelike. If you want, I can help out. (=
Up for invitation.

Ok, so here are some ideas.
Love the concept, truly unique. I like your style of simplicity and the good A.I. You should keep most of the code. However, an explanation on what is what would help a lot, and have proximities override the randomness. In other words, if a blobel is close to food, it will stop moving randomly and instead go for it. Some food chains and coop organisms with reverse mitosis could be interesting.

Oh, and one more thing. Don’t give browngr any access to your game, he acts like a corporate CEO and will absorb your game into his empire as soon as he can.