evolution game

currently does not have much to it, but more will be added soon. this game is about adapting to the world around you by adapting against predators or prey, and finding new way to get food. currently has: hunger feature, AI movement and breeding, very basic eco system, 1 tier of evolution, not including starting tier, and three working branches of play: herbivore, carnivore, and omnivore. I will update this in the future and will be announcing updates! link: http://www.flowlab.io/game/play/341045 . Have fun! (spaceship control scheme is being followed)

feel free to criticize, that’s why I posted this!

Hey, it’s a really interesting concept! It’s still in early stages, so there isn’t much to critique, but I almost died initially because I didn’t know what to do about the hunger bar when the game started. I eventually found the “evolve” trigger though, by moving around randomly.

you eat as a herbivore by eating plants according to your currently evolved type, for example, the starting creature eats the greens and the evolved herbivore 1 eats the oranges. You eat as a carnivore by eating other creatures this may be harder once I make a later game as you will have the option to evolve defenses, such as shells. You eat as an omnivore by eating herbivores and plants according to evolved type, for example, omnivore 1 eats greens.

I will be adding notifications on what you can eat when you evolve

new update! I’ve added a main menu and pop ups when you’ve evolved telling you what you can and cannot eat, tell me what you think below!

The instructions make it much more accessible, now it’s obvious what to do when the game starts.

Which side should I work on the rest of the tree first? Do you guys have any suggestions for types of evolutions? How in Depth do you want the ecology? Should I work on animations, and if so, what should I work on? this game is influenced by you guys, leave recommendations below!

it’s pretty cool almost like the game SPORE

two big questions to change development: Do you want it so if you eliminate a species they’re gone for good, and do you want A.I to have hunger. This will change development, leave opinions below!

small update: added a special thanks in the menu, and now there is a working herbivore evolution stage 2 called spikes, you can only access it through game editor though, and finally, there is a way if you can’t eat the plant, you can go through it. I’m currently working on an A.I for my new stage and level touch ups, I’ll send out an update note when the level is finished!

I’ve just finished the A.I!

added an accessible herbivore 2 stage! I’ll be adding other evolutions evolutions later when I make them. Have fun!