Example Ideas #Im Bored

I want to make some more examples, but I do not know what to do. So please reply if you have any suggestions on what examples I should make. It can be something you need help making, or just something you would want to see implemented.

You could try experimenting with AI systems like a top-down path finding system for an enemy or maybe pet to follow or chase the player. It could find the fastest or efficient route between the player and the obstacles. Which could be a bit difficult, but it could be a fun challenge.

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Well, if your going to make an example then it has to be something most people don’t know how to do. For example: An advanced companion.
I never see any games with companions in them, so If you make an example maybe more people will want to take on this challenge.

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Shading and rendering systems that can also be used for 3D games, also can you make a 3D rpg example that I can play for 100+ hours? I wanna know how to do that. :slight_smile:

What do you mean by 3D


Make the next Zelda Breath of the Wild on flowlab pls.


Exactly what I’m asking, make an example so I can know.


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only joking, but seriously you should make a z-axis platformer. Using camera parallax.


Alright, was just a suggestion…

I probably could but I was more focused on mechanics and not an entire game based one

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Yeah, but just messing with the z-axis would be a great example for advanced flowlab users and new ones too.

You didn’t have to be so sudden to shoot down an idea. You literally asked the community for suggestions and I feel like you didn’t even give his answer a proper answer or suggestion. Which 3D is possible since JR_01 and the other big brains have created many 3D simulations on flowlab, so it would be difficult, but not an impossible task.

I ask for example ideas not entire games