Exciting New Update for Ace Vanguard!

Update 3.0

Hi! Many of you have played my game, Ace Vanguard. Many of you have given me feedback (if it was given, it was excellent). So, here are the patch notes for one of Ace Vanguard’s biggest updates yet!


  1. Added new ship class, Deception.
  2. Added a choice between WASD and Mouse based controls
  3. Added different endings for different scores (varying successes and failures)


  1. Stealth class has been fixed
  2. Combustion class has been fixed
  3. funky problem with old WASD controls has been fixed

Don’t forget to leave a comment or report a bug. I enjoy all the feedback I can get!

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For all who would like to play my game, the link is here: https://flowlab.io/game/play/1250260

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