Expert Guide badge? 😏

So, @ManiacPumpkin has been gifted the Expert Guide badge. 17 solutions (give or take). And @DinoDev has also been given the Expert Guide badge. 22 solutions.

Now, wait. Watch this:

53 solutions

Granted, some of them were just people marking my post as a solution, but this is more than three times the amount of solutions ManiacPumpkin has, and most certainly bigger than ManiacPumpkin and DinoDev COMBINED. And it’s only 30 (again, give or take) solutions away from JR_01’s total solution count. And might I add that just last month my solution count was 30.

So imma get straight to the point:
Ayo, can we get an
e x p e r t g u i d e b a d g e
in chat?


I don’t see an “Expert Helper” badge…

But I do see the “Expert Guide” badge, which I believe is given by Grazer for helping several posts as quickly as possible (or like a “single answer” solution). Not exactly sure on the qualifications, but I do think this is one of the few badges that Grazer hands out that’s not automated. (as most of the badges in the “other” category)

These “other” badges should be seen as a stamp or a trophy instead of a badge. Whether is shows your smarts with the “Pushing the Envelope” or helpful on the forum with “Expert guide”… but there are badges that were suppose the be bad such as Speggeti Pockets which is like you done messed up. Though adding that badge made many other people break the rules to get it, so no one can get it now and breaking the rules can lead to a ban.


Oh, yeah. My bad chief :sweat_smile:
Oh wait so it isn’t automated? :no_mouth:

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I don’t think the badges in the “other” tab are, but I could be wrong.

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Ok well then @grazer do you suppose I have Le Qualifications…? :smirk:

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