Explain (logic gates being dumb)

I even tried reloading and it does the same thing ._.

Go to the “Play” level in this game:

The code being displayed is in the Alert object.
The object sending the message is the Player object.

@grazer might wanna take a peek


This happened to me but an and gate and a nor gate were both on. It doesn’t cause anything though it’s just a visual bug from the fact that it is apparently swapping on and off too fast to see in a frame.

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The Inbox doesn’t activate all the time, it recieves messages periodically, which means sometimes it is off triggering the nor switch. You could use a timer set to always repeat for 1/10 second and have to inbox reset it

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Nor gates output every frame that there is no input,
In a single signal, the nor gates gets turned off for that frame.
Visually, the wires are shown every second, so it looks like it didn’t do anything.

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Know ._.

The player code was outputting on a proximity, and I even changed it to an always, but nothing worked…
Whatever. I changed it to something different, and that works. But as I say whenever something like this happens…
U should probably take a look @grazer

Here’s the confusing thing, but it isn’t a bug:

The frames are running very quickly, but the links have to stay highlighted long enough for you to see them - if they turn on & off per frame they strobe too quickly to see what’s going on.

This can create a visual problem, because the links stay highlighted even between frames. In your screenshot, not all of those links are still active in that particular frame, but some previous visual indications have not yet expired.