Explorer World Dev Disscusion

@GGSTUDIOS, @CHillflakes @dapres87 @sans7657 (wth did I include myself) this is our discussion. That is also place holder name

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@GGSTUDIOS, do you know how to make multiplayer? That is the first thing you should do.
@CHillflakes, you should first make character sprite.
Not rn, but when you can

@CHillflakes, actually make sprites for everything we make. I made a player and a floor, they just need sprites

can i join your team

@sans7657 can I join your second team event though Iā€™m on your first team

Sure, what can you help with?

I can test and build

Test works just fine. Thanks.

Also send me the request

But can I help build

@sans7657 send me the group request